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In England and Wales, there are only two choices to consider when installing a domestic solid fuel, wood burning or multi fuel stove.


1. Building Notice Application to the Local Authority - All work affecting stoves, chimneys and flues is strictly governed by building control and subject to inspection by your local Building Control Officer- cost approx £350    


2.  Hetas Registered installer - the industry’s equivalent of Corgi (now Gas Safe) - HETAS registered installers can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations and you will receive a certificate of compliance. A copy of this certificate is sent to HETAS who will then notify the relevant Local Authority on behalf of the customer.  


Some stove manufacturers stipulate that in order to take advantage of their extended warranties, all appliances must be installed by Hetas registered installer or a person registered on an approved 'competent persons' scheme.  By doing this, the manufacturer ensures that their stoves are installed safely and effectively.  


ADVISORY NOTE:  In the event of a chimney or fire-related incident, your buildings and contents insurance may be invalidated if work to the stove or chimney was carried out by an unregistered installer.  It will also cause unnecessary delays pending a sale of your property if you do not have a certification of compliance for the work.




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