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Accepting a quote and paying a deposit constitutes a contract between the customer and Five Valley Stoves. This includes  agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Business.  To avoid any later misunderstandings please read this first.


Five Valley Stoves is a small family run seasonal business and we do not offer delayed billing accounts; however, we are not registered for VAT at this present time and we are very happy to offer this significant saving of 20% (when matched against our VAT registered competitors)


1.Payment terms and schedule

Invoices must be paid by direct bank transfer or cash. We do not accept cheques or credit card payments. 


Deposits: Unless otherwise specified, we require a minimum deposit of 70% of the total cost of the quote to secure an installation date and order all materials for the installation. We always order materials on receipt of deposit; If we are ordering a higher value stove on the customers behalf, or if the installation is for a twin wall system, it is possible that the deposit requested to order all goods may be 80-85% of the total quote due to the higher cost/value of goods to be ordered.


Final Payment: In all cases, the final payment becomes due on completion of installation work/service/chimney sweeping etc.  Invoices are sent at the end of the business day with the bank details for transfer of funds. If your bank does not operate the Faster Payments Scheme, please arrange to pay cash on the day of completion.


The Hetas certificate of compliance will be completed on the online Portal on the day of installation. Once this is processed by Hetas, the certificate will be sent to the address of the installation and notification of the works will be forwarded to Building Control as a permanent record. 


2.Additional works

Materials and/or Labour not included/specified in the quote will be regarded as additional work and will be charged as such.  To avoid misunderstanding, all changes to the quote involving additional extras, labour and/or materials must be agreed in writing before any ‘new’ work is commenced or materials are purchased/fixed by Five Valley Stoves.  


3.Installation only – Customer is supplying materials and/or conducting preparatory building works

We are happy to quote for installation only if the customer prefers to source and supply all the materials required for the project.  However, if all the required materials are not available on the appointed day this could result in a delay to the installation and add hours/days to the job which were not accounted for in the quote.  Our sub-contracted installers are always paid for the day on the day; therefore, we reserve the right to invoice the customer an additional £250 for each full day’s loss of revenue if the installers turn up but cannot complete the installation because of missing or incorrectly measured components.  To avoid this please discuss the list of required products with Andy before ordering.


4.      Ownership of Materials      

As a service to our customers we handle the collection, ordering and safe delivery of all materials, including stoves, liners, hearths and beams. All materials ordered by Five Valley stoves on behalf of the customer are funded from the deposit paid. We do not supply or stock goods. We order from multiple suppliers throughout the country.  If some materials cannot be used for the installation due to anything that was unforeseen at the time of quoting, Five Valley Stoves are not liable nor obliged to give refunds or to purchase the surplus materials into stock. All materials remain the property of the person/s who paid for them.    


5.     Exclusions

We do not carry out plumbing/electrical/carpentry/painting and decorating services. Our installers will plaster and ‘make good’ around any building works required for the installation.  For additional plastering requirements please ask for the contact details of a recommended plasterer.  If engaged for additional plastering, this is an additional cost to the quote and should be paid directly to the contractor


It is the customers’ responsibility to arrange the safe removal of a connected gas pipe or live electric cables on the site of installation.

This must be carried out by a certified tradesman prior to the date of installation.


Building waste disposal is not included. Our installers will tidy the site before leaving and put any waste into rubble sacks. As a business, we are charged by weight to dispose of building waste. As a domestic consumer it is free for the customer.  If this is unacceptable, please ask Andy for a quote to dispose of it.


6.    Your right to cancel;

You have the right to cancel a scheduled installation before a deposit has been paid without penalty.

If an installation is cancelled after receipt of deposit but before commencement of works, the full deposit becomes non-refundable.  

In this event, all materials ordered and paid for by Five Valley Stoves for the installation (funded by the deposit) become the property of the customer and will be delivered to the customers’ home address.  We reserve the right to pass on any reasonable additional costs we have incurred due to the cancellation of works.   Five Valley Stoves are not liable for cancellation of works due to delays caused by extreme or unsafe weather conditions or delays caused by customer courier service.  

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